Difference between community edition and enterprise edition

we have a vertica community edition  for 3 nodes cluster using 1 TB space.
what type of extra features will be added if we upgrade it to enterprise edition. 



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    Hi Naveen,

    Where are you located? I'd be happy to get you in contact with a Vertica rep to discuss the differences.


    Matt Reeves

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    Thanks for response,
    i got these differences in vertica documentation. I was looking for any extra features with enterprise edition beyond this size limit like any optimization/management tools.

    how do vertica consider data limit?
    suppose i purchase 2 TB space for enterprise edition , does it mean (1 TB columnar data + 1 TB flex data) or (2 TB columnar data + 1 TB flex data).

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    It means that 2 TB columnar data + 1 TB flex data.

    Then, only difference except the data size is that Community Edition is limits in terms of the number of nodes. Up to 3 nodes, for Community Edition as the manual mentions. We had the other differences in the previous version, but we don't have now.

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