Is this exam (HP2 N36 Vertica Big Data Solution V1) easy to pass? How many guys have passed it?

Is this exam (HP2 N36 Vertica Big Data Solution V1) easy to pass?  How many guys have passed it?


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     I have passed it.
    I don't know if is fair to say is easy or hard ! As this depends on your perp and experience.
    What i can tell you is that all the questions and topics are very related to the online documentation and there are no "special" questions.
     Learn your projections(segmented,buddy,partitioned).
    And check this link for more detailed topics   

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    If you asks such question so probably you feel you are not ready. If you feel not ready - so don't do it, even if it easy, if you feel ready, so don't ask, do it. Its WEB certificate, no one check that you did it, its for your personal testing.
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     I have to agree with Daniel :)
    The real challenge comes when you need to do the ASE exam.  I think people ask questions about the exam as there is no dumps available yet ! :) maybe 
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    I felt ASE exam is comparatively easier than ATP :)
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