(3586) ERROR: Insufficient projections to answer query

I have created a projection and its buddy for a table. But they are showing as [UptoDate: No] [Stats: No] . I did the start_refresh() . Is there anything I am missing ??


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     On how many nodes you ran this ? 
    Steps in solving 3586 error:
    1- verify that all the columns in your query are present on a valid projection 
    2- make sure your k-safety is not 0 
    select designed_fault_tolerance from system; 
    Run this to recrete your table in a ksafe 1 mode
    create table tbl2 as select * from initial_table ksafe 1;  I also say that you need to run DBD tool, this will solve you error
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    Hello Kannan,

    If you run the following command, does the Statistics Types report NONE?
    SELECT * FROM PROJECTION_COLUMNS WHERE table_name = '<table name>';

    If so, run statistics on the <whichever> column:
    => SELECT ANALYZE_STATISTICS('trades.<column>');

    Once complete, re-run the query on the projection column and it should report as FULL:

    SELECT * FROM PROJECTION_COLUMNS WHERE table_name = '<table name>';

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    Hi Guys,

    I was able to load the data finally. Instead of giving paramters in the select refresh(), i gave the empty command and it picked the projections and refreshed. Some how the parameters were not working. 

    Thanks a lot for your replies !!!!!
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    You're welcome, Kannan!

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