Vertica Agent Control from inside Management Console

  Is there a way that a start / stop Vertica Agent can be issued from inside Vertica Management Console ? 


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    The Vertica Management Console connects to the cluster node agents, via port 5444:

    If the agent is not running, that port is not listening and the MC cannot connect to the node cluster.

    So, there would not be a way to restart the cluster node agents, from within the Management Console.
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      Ok, i understand , but let's take as a example Oracle Enterprise Manager where this is possible even when the agent is down.
     I know the MC is not a must in order to administer the database, so is not a complain i just wanted to suggest some thing.
     I think this can be achieved by creating a new service under the mcadmin user that will be enhanced with sudo rights in order to be able to run the '/etc/init.d/vertica_agent'.

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