Idea for a tool for Vertica.

I have an idea. I would like to writing a tools for Vertica developers. This tool can be used for developer to keep a eyes on what the vertica is doing, what the resources he used,what is the process of his scripts, what is the statistics of his scripts result... when the developer is manually running the Vsql scripts or loading the data into the database.

I have some scenario .I often face it.
1. When I loading the data into database, I don't know how many data have already loaded. I just waiting, I have to use the system tables to know how is process of the loading. I think many developers are not familiar with the system tables.
2. When I running the Vsql Scripts to running the SQLs. I don't know what is happened in the Vertica inside. I have to wait, until it finished ,then I need to checking the running result...But some times unfortunately, I have to wait hours and hours. Sometime the performance is so bad in run time, or the resources are limited ,and actually I don't know. And I have to learn the system tables to learn how to query the system tables if I need to monitor my Vsql scripts running.

I think the two scenarios are often faced by the junior developer for Vertica. I wonder if I am learning the system tables and writing a tools which can provide the junior developer the useful information before or in the run time, showing the statistics after the run time, can be help to junior developer? And I am happy to do it.

Is there any guy who have the same scenarios with me. Is there any guy who have idea or thought in this. Is this idea make sense?

Thanks and Best Regards,


  • I think all of points you are talking about are already present in Management Console.

  • Yes, but I though it is a tool for DBA. And is there some detail information about what the SQLs you are running, and for a developer to tracking his scripts or loading jobs.
  • Hi Martin,

    I would agree with Adrian -- you should take a look at the Management Console.

    While you may be a developer, what you are doing with monitoring Vertica is actually very similar to what DBA's do.  You're tracking query progress; monitoring resource issues around the cluster; trying to understand performance problems, long-running queries, etc.  There's no rule that says only DBA's are allowed to use the Management Console.  If it's helpful to you too, you should use it.

    I don't think that the MC answers all of your questions, though it answers a lot of them.  Future versions of the MC should help more.  If you have specific enhancements, things that the Management Console could do to solve your problem more effectively (either for ease-of-use or providing more information), please do post them.

  • There are some good GUI tools like DBSOLO od DBVISUALIZER,TOAD has a tools that logs in Vertica and from there you can manage your Database as DBA or DEVELOPER, another one is  DBeaver  at .

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