Call UDF in External Reporting Tool (SSRS Report Builder)

Hi all . . .

I have built out a UDF, works great when running in Squirrel.  I use SSRS for reporting directly out of Vertica.  I would like to call my UDF in an SSRS report, but I keep recieving the following error:

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)
    • Query execution failed for dataset 'Prediction'. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
      • ERROR [42883] ERROR 3457: Function fteFunction(varchar, float, float, float) does not exist, or permission is denied for fteFunction(varchar, float, float, float) HINT: No function matches the given name and argument types. You may need to add explicit type cast
I am using the same user to pull the reports and build the UDF's.

Any thoughts on why it would give me a No Function Matches error?




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    Solved it! You need to use the fully qualified name for the function, so in my case it was xxxx.XXXX.fteFunction

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