Interesting uses of Flex Tables?

Hey all,

  I'm curious if anyone is using Flex tables in a serious way that they are willing to share.  Please post or drop me an email at bvandiver@vertica.com.



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    Not too much "interesting", but an usage - kind of archive, closed aggregations
    1.) Flex gives not a bad compression
    2.) You can query your data
    3.) HA (for archive? why not, its for free ;) )
    4.) Easy and fast way for recovery a history data
    vsql -Ac "select ..." | vsql -c "copy to flex from stdin...fdelimitedparser"
    Is it possible to automate it somehow(ie Vertica internally only)?
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    Thanks for the use case!

    I don't believe there's a good way to do this without pulling it out and putting it back in.  A good feature request though.

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