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Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
How much data / records does the system table hold / retain or what is the time period for which the system table retains the data.
I am specially looking for query_requests, query_Events, query_profiles, resource_Acquisitions table.
Is there some parameter which we can define to hold 5 days data in these tables.



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    Hi Navin,
    You can restrict the amount of storage for various data collector components by using the function SET_DATA_COLLECTOR_POLICY. The component and description columns in the data_collector system table has details on the various components available. Looking at the system tables you want to control, the QueryExecutions and the ResourceAcquisitions components should be of interest. The actual size will vary by the usage and resource/ query log generation in your system to hold 5 days of data.

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    KB_PER_DAY column in DATA_COLLECTOR table gives how much space has been used for each component. I think we can use it to roughly estimate the space required to hold 5 days of data.


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