Table restore from full backup?

Coming from an Oracle background, I am trying to understand the Vertica backup methodology. Full backups I think I understand, but not object level backups.

If all I had was a full backup of a database, how would I be able to use that to restore a single table? In Oracle if I lose a table (which unfortunately can happen in any DB), I can restore a subset of that database at a particular timestamp to a clone, export that single table from the clone, and import into the original - so I would not have to restore the entire database, just that one table.

Is anything like this available in Vertica? If I have a 3 node Vertica cluster, does that mean I would need to have 3 available servers (in a different domain, I guess, since they have to be the same name and IP) and the same amount of storage to thus build a duplicate of the entire cluster to eventually be able to restore that one table? Or would it be a better bet to just set up a second set of backups every day - one for full backups/incrementals and another set of backups for single table restores (one backup each for every single table in the DB)?


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