Using Vertica 7's Native Load Balancing with Tableau 8

I've a 3 node v7.0.1 Vertica cluster for which I'm trying to enable Vertica's Native Load Balancing feature such that when users connect to the database with Tableau 8 they are "load balanced" onto one of the three nodes. I have enabled the round robin method in Vertica and have tested that load balancing works with vsql's -C parameter.
However, I cannot work out how to enable load balancing for Tableau 8 connections using the windows Vertica 7 drivers.
Any ideas? Is this even possible?


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    I am not exactly sure how talend manages connection metadata, but for Microstrategy adding LoadBalanced=1 in the connection properties in odbc.ini does the trick. I assume similar parameters file exists for Talend, and adding the LoadBalanced property should do.

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    Thanks Sajan, I tried setting both
    in my C:/Windows/ODBC.INI file
    But it didn't make any difference.

    The only method I've found that works is to edit the Tableau workbook as follows:
    <connection class='vertica' dbname='zen' odbc-connect-string-extras='ConnectionLoadBalance=1'...
    This forces Tableau to connect using load balancing (from tabprotosrv.txt)
    ConnectString: DRIVER={Vertica};READONLY=0;DATABASE=zen;SERVER=;PORT=5433;UID=dbadmin;PWD=********;ConnectionLoadBalance=1
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    Got it, I followed the example in this link and it's now enabled for my Tableau Desktop workbooks containing vertica datasource connections.

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