Cannot download 6.1.3 Windows 32bit client drivers

Attempting to do a proof of concept with Tableau, and need to integrate it with a Vertica data source. The VM against which I am working does not have the ODBC driver installed, so yesterday I attempted to download that driver. Every time I attempted to download the drivers, it was either down for maintenance or I would recieve the "Error: There appears to be an error in your request". I figured that I would give it a day and attempt, but I am seeing the same problem today.

On a side note, seems a bit strange that this is such a consistent issue. While scouring for a resolution, I uncovered 4 or 5 posts over the last 7 months with very similar problems. I would think that this should be a pretty high priority stability issue (if your downloads are sporadically going down).

Tl;dr Windows 32 bit client 6.1.3 driver download isn't working yet again.


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    Hello Jacob,

    Thanks for reaching out. I was able to download the 32 bit Windows HP Vertica 6.1.3 Client Package (named vertica-client-6.1.3-0.32.exe) from https://my.vertica.com/downloads/ a few minutes ago. Are you still having trouble?


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    I still am unable to access the download. After agreeing to the terms, I am taken to the attached page. This issue isn't hindering me anymore, as I discovered that a colleague has saved the needed drivers to a shared drive, but hopefully this isn't preventing anyone else from downloading the drivers.image
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    Hello Jacob,

    Thanks for the update and the screenshot. Are you attempting to download the client driver from the Downloads page at my.vertica.com? Or, from the Marketplace? If you could send me the link you're using we'll be able to get you (and others) some assistance.


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