Any plan in order for Hcatalog Connector to support Hive0.13, Hadoop2.4.0, protobuf2.5.0 ???

Hello, everyone.
I'm Ho-Seok Yoon in Seoul Solution Center/PreSales/HP Korea. During this week, we tested if Hcatalog Connector does work well with Hive_0.13, Hadoop_2.4.0, protobuf_2.5.0 so far.

Unfortunately, except for querying hcatalog_schemata, hcatalog_tables, hcatalog_table_list, actually querying hadoop table data doesn't work.

I think that there might be some sort of workaround on that.
However, as our local Hadoop expert partner he mentioned, the supported hive, hadoop, etc version for our Vertica Hcatalog Connector are so old ones, respectively. Also, he said that the vertica supported hive, hadoop version, there have been so many implicit bug issues so far.

So, we have to continuously guarantee for our vertica hadoop connector to be able to officically support hive, hadoop, etc their latest version ASAP I think.

Anyone who know if we have any roadmap on this? or How long would we expect it to be so?

Thanks in advance.


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