Ado.Net driver ConnectionTimeout

Can someone please tell me what does a value of 0 ConnectionTimeout mean from the vertica ADO.Net driver 7 mean ?

Also we put in the timeout values in Sec/millisec ?

Also what does ClearPool() method do on VerticaConnection? and when we should use it?


  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Anishek,

    Possible reasons for Connection Timeout error:
    1. Vertica Server IP address is wrong
    2. Server is down
    3. Vertica database is down

    Hope this helps

  • Hi!

    What about docs?
    ADO.NET Connection Properties

    Number seconds to wait for a connection. A value of 0 means no timeout.

    default - 0

  • Thanks for the connection properties Daniel that worked(was exactly looking for something like that )

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