dimension load type 2 dimension tables

I am trying to convert our oracle database to vertica. I found solution from community and documentation regarding loading data and support most of RDBMS. Reading on ROS functionality want to know is Dimension tables specially Type 1 & Type 2 where it logical delete and update the same record will be possible in Vertica ?
Also Vertica documentation states support partition but for Fact tables, I have very large dimension table which is partition is oracle need to partition   will be ok to do in Vertica or will be an issue ?

can you please share your thoughts.


  • You can update tables in Vertica, certainly.  Updates do create delete vectors - which are like references to the legacy data. You'll want to clean those up daily, otherwise they could slow your system down. 

    Vertica doesn't know what a dimension table is vs. a fact table. You can partition any table you choose. The best partition strategy is on a date-based column.

    Keep in mind that partitioning in Vertica is not the same as it is in Oracle. Oracle's partitioning is more like Vertica's Segmentation.

    All of what you're describing is perfectly reasonable to do in Vertica.

  • Thanks, Curtis !

    I will try it out on dimension tables. Thank you for your prompt response.

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