analyze_statistics failing with error "Relation with OID ***** does not exist"


I am trying to run analyze_statistics on the entire Db(around 30TB) . The job runs for about 45 mins, but fails after that with "Relation with OID does not exist". Is there any particular reason for this error ?? Or if some one deleted any objects in between the statistics generation, cause this issue ??


  • I advice you to check your vertica.log , analyze_statistics  break the execution to table level analyze_statistics  execution .  if you drop a table during the execution you should see on the vertica.log some related into about that .

  • wwong2wwong2 Employee
    Hi Kannan, there is a known issue where if table is dropped, when running stats will throw this error.
    Instead, can you pass in specific tables instead of the default to do all?


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