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could I use the analytics Funcions directly in My BI Tool for example QlickView or Pentaho?

I know that
vertica has a big powerfull in analytics, with his own functions and giving
tools to programme your own code in R and put inside vertica for example.


But could you access this functions since BI tools as QlickView or Pentaho, I mean, I know that you can connect Vertica with this tools, but I’m not sure if you can execute selects with analytics parameters directly.


Example : SELECT slice_time, symbol, TS_FIRST_VALUE (bid,'LINEAR') AS bid FROM tick_store4 TIMESERIES slice_time AS '2 seconds' OVER (PARTITION BY symbol ORDER BY ts);

And your "R" Funcions?



  • I believe you can.

    vertica sees the BI tool as just another database client like vsql/jdbc/odbc..
    This equivalent to a sql query.

  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Dani,

    Any tool using JDBC / ODBC / VSQL interface to talk to Vertica can access all functions of Vertica.
    If you are writing a SQL from your client with ANALYTIC Function / UDF Function / R Function and all the functions are present in Vertica database, then they all are accessible.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks for your replies

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