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Can somebody explain the exact meaning of the parameter Moveout Size of the Tuple Mover config ?
And also give me concrete cases when we can configure it differently than the default value which is zero.

Thanks in advance,


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    MoveOut directs when and under what circumstances data is moved from the WOS to ROS (from memory to disk). By default, this is a time-based policy. You can alter the nature of this mechanism by using a percentage-based, or size-based policy. If you have extremely specific, and often static loading requirements (that is, you know exactly how much is getting loaded, and when it is getting loaded), it might make sense for you to use a % or size-based rule, rather than the time-based rule.

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    Thanks for your prompt answer. 
    What happens when both time-based and size-based parameters are configured ? Both are applied or the size-based policy overrides and cancels time parameters?
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    Whichever comes first. If the size threshold isn't reached, the time setting will take effect regardless.
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