i'm having troubles with some questions in the vertica exam

Hi all, I am getting prepared to get certified in Vertica and I am having doubts regarding these 4 questions particularly....the answers that I think are correct are marked, but I am not entirely sure, could someone please advise... it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.



1.    Which statements are true about a prejoin projection? (Select three.)

A) A prejoin projection enforces primary and foreign key constraints.    -correct

B) A prejoin projection does not increase the storage footprint.

C) A prejoin projection slows down data loading.

D) A prejoin projection can process any type of join.

E) A prejoin projection adds no limitations to the tables in the join.    -correct

F) A prejoin projection improves query run time performance.    -correct

2.    What is a benefit of having identically-sorted buddy projections?

A) improved storage usage, since Vertica shares data files

B) more efficient use of disk since the data is only on one node

C) better query performance, since Vertica gets half the data from each projection

D) fast recovery of a down node   -correct

3.    If your CEO runs a query each day, how can you be assured necessary resources will be available
when the query is run? (Select two.)

A) Create a resource pool with dedicated resources for the CEO.    -correct

B) Move all other users out of the general pool, leaving the CEO as the only user in the general

C) Reserve one core for use by the CEO user only.

D) Assign the CEO user to the general resource pool with a high MEMORYCAP.

E) Profile the query to determine estimated resource usage.   -correct


4.    What are the advantages of a merge join versus a hash join? (Select two.)

A) Sometimes a merge join runs faster than a hash join.

B) A merge join uses memory more efficiently.    -correct  

C) A merge join requires no optimization.    -correct

D) A merge join can spill to disk if the inner table is too large.

E) A merge join joins the data into a new projection.

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