Adding 2nd node to Vertica

I iNstalled Vertica 7.0.1 on single node , created VMart database , later set up 2nd host and tried to add 2nd host with /opt/vertica/sbin/update_vertica -A command , it got stuck in INITIALIZATION stage, i tried the same from MC too , that too got stuck wehn rebooting node 1. Can you help me to troubleshoot


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Jumsheed,

    How did you install Vertica on single node. What parameters you used while installation.

    If you used localhost parameter without -s parameter (for multinode installation) while installation, then you cannot upgrade your cluster to a two node cluster.

    Vertica installation

    Hope this helps
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    Sorry for the late reply, i added node with IP address not localhost, like -s host1,host2 option , while adding database to host2 it got stuck in recovering node portion(completed 80%) , here is the log
    2014-08-13 17:35:31.001 LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7fe2b8010ba0-a000000000034a [Txn] <INFO> Begin Txn: a000000000034a 'LowDiskSpaceCheck'
    2014-08-13 17:35:31.001 LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7fe2b8010ba0-a000000000034a [Txn] <INFO> Rollback Txn: a000000000034a 'LowDiskSpaceCheck'
    2014-08-13 17:35:31.002 LowDiskSpaceCheck:0x7fe2b8010ba0 [Util] <INFO> Task 'LowDiskSpaceCheck' enabled
    2014-08-13 17:35:38.777 Init Session:0x7fe2b4010540 <LOG> @v_vmart_node0001: 00000/2705: Connection received: host= port=41522 (connCnt 2)
    2014-08-13 17:35:38.777 Init Session:0x7fe2b4010540 <LOG> @v_vmart_node0001: 00000/4540: Received SSL negotiation startup packet
    2014-08-13 17:35:38.777 Init Session:0x7fe2b4010540 <LOG> @v_vmart_node0001: 00000/4691: Sending SSL negotiation response 'N'
    2014-08-13 17:35:38.778 Init Session:0x7fe2b4010540 <FATAL> @v_vmart_node0001: {SessionRun} 57V03/5785: Cluster Status Request by
            HINT:  Cluster State: VMart
                    UP: 1 of 2 (v_vmart_node0001)
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    i found the issue now, time between those guests were not in sync. i fixed that and added 2nd node,

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