Vertica completely stuck

The Vertica version is v7.0.1 runs in 3 nodes.

I started uploading large files of data to the vertica (files of 100,000 records each, about 2-3 per node per minute).

I see that after a little time, all my available threads get stuck on actions with vertica (copy or select  ,vsql selects not responding either). Vertica does not return a timeout so my whole server is stuck.
I do not understand why vertica gets stuck. I can see in its logs no errors. This happens gradually on all nodes until nothing is working anymore (besides internal Vertica processes such as tupple mover etc.)


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    Hi ,

    Check  your Vertica nodes utilization , you’re probably eat all your resources .

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    Thanks for reply,
    Actually it's in client site.
    They are using java program to load and probably run many(5-10) threads with copy command.
    Two of this copy is rather big. All copy is going to WOS

    What do You think is it good to use java or java vertica jdbc?
    I ask it, because I have heard You have a good experience with java and Vertica.

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    What is Java Vs java vertica jdbc ? , JDBC is the java driver ,Jdbc have many option to implement data loading , the answer is very use case related .
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