Slow catalog query running frequently

In our 5 nodes Vertica cluster, we are seeing following query being executed very frequently (multiple times in a minute) and each run takes more than 10 secs-
select * from (select 'dw_test_1' as catalog_name, schema_name, table_name, table_type, remarks from v_catalog.all_tables order by table_type, catalog_name, schema_name, table_name) as vmd where TABLE_TYPE in ('TABLE') and TABLE_NAME ilike 'PROBABLYNOT' escape E'\\'
We could not trace the source of this query and it seems that this is something Vertica runs itself. 

Is there a way to know what invokes this query and why it runs so frequently and slowly?



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    The query come from JDBC  method  DatabaseMetaData.getCatalogs (we see it many in our soultion )  .

    Do you have /use MC ? or some reporting tools that connect to the database  using  JDBC  ? You can also  check on the session table which process is owner of this query .

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    Thanks for response, Eli. We have MC running but looking into query_requests table, I do not think these are coming from MC. 
    It must be from our applications that connect using JDBC driver. I will check with development team on this.

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