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I am using vsql client for vertica in Mac Terminal, do you have any settings by which I can view the o/p of a query result properly like :

set heading off;

set echo off;

Set pages 0;

set long 90000;

set lin 800;

set longchunksize 200500;

etc, what are the corresponding settings for vsql?

Appreciate your help. 

Thanks, Amit


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    In vsql , type \h , it will show you list of vsql setting  options , specifically  to what you ask , you can see the formatting section .

      \a             toggle between unaligned and aligned output mode
      \b             toggle beep on command completion
      \C [STRING]    set table title, or unset if none
      \f [STRING]    show or set field separator for unaligned query output
      \H             toggle HTML output mode (currently off)
      \pset NAME [VALUE]
                     set table output option
                     (NAME := {format|border|expanded|fieldsep|footer|null|
      \t             show only rows (currently off)
      \T [STRING]    set HTML <table> tag attributes, or unset if none
      \x             toggle expanded output (currently off)

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