When running MC, the CPU usage shows ~100% high

When running Management Console, "top" command shows CPU usage of the MC process stays in high rate, nearly 100%. I am using Vertica Analytic Database v7.0.1-0


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    What is your linux configuration , amount of core / memory ?   

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    CentOS release 6.4, 24 core CPU, 48G memory.

    CPU usage was not high at the beginning, but it stays in nearly 100% after some hours.

    the  "console.properties" file shows it uses /opt/vconsole/vendor/oracle/java/jre/1.6 as JAVA_HOME.

    Can this be a JVM bug?
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    Try to open support ticket  
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    I restarted the process, and it does not reproduce for now. I will check it later to see if it appears again. Thanks for you help!

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