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ERROR 5873 on COPY LOCAL command

We've had problems in our environment trying to load data from a .csv file on a local machine via the vsql client.

dbadmin=> COPY sample_schema.sample_table
dbadmin-> FROM LOCAL 'C:\Users\filePath.csv'
dbadmin-> DELIMITER ',';
ERROR 5783:  Client error: Could not open file [C:\Users\filePath.csv] for reading (in function statFiles() at Bulkload.cpp:312)

Has anyone else had this error? The file exists and is fully accessible on the local machine; is there something extra required to allow vsql to read files from certain paths, etc.?


  • Hello Kate,

    I have managed to produce the same error on my windows client (I am assuming you are running vsql from windows given the path 'C:\users')

    The quickest and easiest fix is to grant 'everyone' full permission to the file "filePath.csv".

    In windows explorer, right click the file > properties > security, then grant 'Everyone' full access to the file

    On my system, as soon as I remove 'everyone' from the permission of the file, the error is produced.  Even though administrator and the user I am running vsql under have read/execute permission to the file.

    Please let me know if that will also solve your issue.





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