Connection refused when trying to set up Java configuration in the database


I am trying to set up vertica pulse in my virtual machine. I already have the machine with vertica and java installed, but when I am trying to set the JavaBinaryforUDx I get:
vsql: could not connect to server: connection refused

I assume that the database should run in localhost so I added -h localhost, but nothing. What should I do?



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    Hi , You sure you already install vertica on this host ? . Try to run from linux command the below ps command : ps -ef|grep vertica The output should list you list of linux process that has the vertica string patern on tham . The vertica database process is the one that named by vertica , it also include capital minus C parameter "-C" parameter . If you not able to see such process , vertica is not currently running in this host ( it maybe install and currently went down) you can also query your rpm catalog to verify the existing on vertica SW. Thanks
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    Thanks for the quick reply, luckilyI already solved the problem!
    I have vertica installed in my machine, but I did not create a database, so there was running but with no content (strange...). Anyway, I have created a database for vertica pulse and now is working wonderfully.

    By the way, I created the database with admintools.



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