Installing Vertica in pseudo Single node hadoop VM

where do i download vertica db to give try in my VM machine that has pseduo single node hadoop or Cloudera VM? I couldnt install Hadoop in vertica VM and so trying to do reverse. any document to refer and i found it hard to get the tar file for Vertica anywhere...


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    You can download the community edition version of HP Vertica from http://my.vertica.com

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    Hi Durai,

    What Linux distribution does your Hadoop VM run?  Ubuntu?, RHEL?, Debian?, etc.

    Vertica is distributed as a package, not as a tarball.  (It requires different setup on different Linux distributions; the respective packages take care of all that for you, but you have to install the appropriate one.)  You should go to the MyVertica download page (or the Vertica Marketplace) and download the package that corresponds to the Linux distribution you are using.

    As an alternative:  Vertica and Hadoop are both network services.  If your host is powerful enough, you can always just run two VM's, and have Vertica and Hadoop talk to each other over the virtual network.

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    Thanks.I am using centos. Any link, could you refer to follow steps? Thanks in advance.

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