SPSS compatibility with Vertica?

We are going to purchase SPSS Modeler Professional Version 16. IBM is telling us that SPSS is not certified for Vertica so it may not work. Does any of you have any experience in using SPSS with Vertica?


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    Currently, IBM has not listed "HP Vertica" as one of the supported databases for SPSS Modeler, and HP is working with IBM directly to address this, however we have successfully tested the integration of SPSS Modeler (to be specific SPSS Modeler 15) using ODBC connectivity to connect to Vertica.  We used sample data to create Decision Tree and other models.

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    I'm trying to connect SPSS Statistics.

    I can connect to the Vertica schemas. SPSS retrieves variable list but it does not retrieve any data.

    I'm forced to ctrl+alt+delete to kill SPSS.

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    The reason, you are unable to see the data is because of the setting of "Result buffer size" (the size of the memory buffer the client uses when retrieving a result set). The default is 131072 bytes. If you are fetching data that is more the default value, then, SPSS Statistics engine pop with a message that "spssengine has stopped working" and it force you to kill the process. 

    To resolve this issue, you should set "result buffer size" to "0" (zero) or to a fixed value. It is a good practices to set the value to "fixed value". Please see the client setting tab in the ODBC DSN configuration to set this value. 

    This will allow you to read and write (use export to database) data into Vertica. 

    Please let us know if you still have any issue.

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