How to find when the user was created?


Is there a way to tell when the user account was created in the database? I am trying to list out all the user accounts, their privileges and their created date, but I am not able to get created date information from users or vs_users table.



  • Hello Rupendra,

     There doesn't seem to be a query that gives exact user account's creation time, there is a way to find the password creation time for a user:

    select passwdcreatetime from vs_users where name ilike '<user_name>';

    However if the user's password was changed at some point of time after the user's creation, then the timestamp returned by the above query will not match the user's creation time. So the timestamp will be equal to the user account creation time only if the password for that user wasn't changed after creation.


  • Thanks Han.

    In our case, passwords are set to expire in every 90 days. So, it seems we will not be able to find the creation date for most of the users. 


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