reorganization started, but never complete

We are using Vertica Enterprise 7.1.
We are currently observing that the reorganization status for lots of tables remains at 0, and for some other tables, somewhere between 50 and 80%.
This percentage has not changed since several days now.
At some point, we did a manual reorganize on one table, and it complete almost instantaneously.

Can someone explain why this reorganization task may have started at some point, but for some reason was apparently suspended ?


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    Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hi Luc,

    Check in the table partition_reorganize_errors.

    This may help you to track the reorganize process.

    Additionally, if you have the transaction id and session id, you can even track what was going internally  and why it got stuck from vertica.log file.

    Hope this helps.
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    I do not have ANY partition_reorganize_errors reported.
    Simply the reorganization percentage is VERY slow to reach 100% for some tables, often it keeps the same value for days.

    Something which is not very clear is how the reorganization process works.
    When developping our application on top of Vertica, we made the assumption that, if the percentage was between 0 and 100%, there was a reorg ongoing, and in this case our application does not ask for an explicit reorg.
    But this appears to be wrong, because we triggerred a manual reorg from VSQL in such case, and it succeeded and returned almost immediately, which means that there were no ongoing reorg.

    So the question is: How to make sure that our application can trigger a reorg, without having to wait for an ongoing "internal" reorganization to finish ?

    And then, is there an explanation to what we are observing, the "frozen" reorg percentage, without any reorganization errors ?

    Thanks a lot for helping

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