How do I change the port for Vertica 7.0.2?

I have installed Community Edition and have a conflict with default port 5433.  I want to change it to 5443 or any other.  I modified the admintools.conf file per the documents but no luck.  What are the steps required?


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    Hi ,

    In 6.1. 3 is very simple , i don't test it yet on 7.X , the method to do that is to update the admintools.conf file , the file include port attribute which include the Vertica default port , you should modify the port and restart your database to reflect the new port .

    Please note that I test it on single node cluster environment .

    Thanks . 

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    Try the following if this helps,

    1. After Vertica installation is done (before creating new database), edit admintools.conf (/opt/vertica/config) and change the value of parameter "last_port =" as 5443. 


    last_port = 5443

    2. Create new database from admintools. The new database will automatically be created on port 5443

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