failed node replacement: "Waiting for cluster invitation"

I was trying to replace a node that was having disk issue with another one. Something failed part way through the replacement. I believe I didn't have the correct file paths or permissions setup. But this seemed to leave me in a bad state. Now the new node continues to show:

2014-09-26 14:17:22.948 Init Session:0x7f58c000f9c0 <LOG> @[initializing]: 00000/2705: Connection received: host= port=42597 (connCnt 1)
2014-09-26 14:17:22.948 Init Session:0x7f58c000f9c0 <LOG> @[initializing]: 00000/4540: Received SSL negotiation startup packet
2014-09-26 14:17:22.948 Init Session:0x7f58c000f9c0 <LOG> @[initializing]: 00000/4691: Sending SSL negotiation response 'N'
2014-09-26 14:17:22.948 Init Session:0x7f58c000f9c0 <FATAL> @[initializing]: {SessionRun} 57V03/5785: Cluster Status Request by
    HINT:  Cluster State: DW
        --Waiting for cluster invitation
    LOCATION:  initSession, /scratch_a/release/vbuild/vertica/Session/ClientSession.cpp:429

Is there any other mis-configurations than spread.conf and admintools.conf that would cause this?


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    Hello David,

    Is this still an issue for you at this time? Or, was this resolved with the help of the Vertica Support team? Please let me know if you still need assistance.

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    Thanks. I meant to reply earlier. It turned out to be a foolish mistake. Our IT created the new node in a different security group, which caused communication issues between the nodes. Once that was resolved, Vertica worked splendidly!

    Thanks for following up!

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    Hello David,

    No problem at all - glad you were able to get things up and running.


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