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RStudio, Distributed R and vRODBC/Vertica


I have been experimenting with setting up a Vertica->DistributedR->RStudio stack.

I have managed to get it working with a DistributedR cluster being used in the RStudio environment and connecting to Vertica via vRODBC.

That was using the dbadmin login and co-locating DistributedR on the Vertca nodes. Not recommended but I only want to test the functionality, not conduct a load test.

When I create a new login that is not dbadmin I'm having issues with vRODBC. The error is on the creation of the connection:
> connect <- odbcConnect("Test")
Warning messages: 1: In odbcDriverConnect("DSN=Test") : [vRODBC] ERROR: state HY000, code 10430, message [unixODBC][Vertica][ODBC] (10430) Not enough information provided to establish a connection to the data source and specified to not prompt for more information. 2: In odbcDriverConnect("DSN=Test") : ODBC connection failed

It is reminiscent of an issue where odbc.ini an vertica.ini environmental parameters weren't configured but I have checked and they are. I've also ensured ranalysis has read access to the ini files but to no effect. 

Works fine if I use dbadmin.

Just for clarity, the logins discussed are linux logins not Vertica.

Any ideas?



  • Hello Iwan,

    Yes, that error indicate those parameters were not configured correctly.  I am wondering the error you get is from RStudio or R console?

    To set those parameters in RStudio:

    To set those parameters in R console(before entering R console):
    export ODBCINI=/home/hzhang/Desktop/hzhang/odbc.ini
    export VERTICAINI=/home/hzhang/Desktop/hzhang/vertica.ini

    Let me know if it helps.


  • Hi Hua!

    I have ensured that the RStudio session has those variables and also the user too but to no avail. I get the error in both RStudio and the R console.
  • Well then, would you mind to post your odbc.ini and vertica.ini file here?

    I suspect it has something to do with your odbc.ini file. Because the error indicates not enough information is provided for the connection to start. 

  • Of course. Bear in mind that I'm using the same ini files when I use dbadmin and it works. I've also ensured the new account has read access to these too.


    Description = vRODBC Test
    Driver = /opt/vertica/lib64/
    Database = DBNumber01
    Servername = SERVER1.DEV.ENV.LOCAL
    UserName = getme_access
    Password = password123
    Port = 5433
    ConnSettings =
    Locale = en_US


    DriverManagerEncoding = UTF-16
    ODBCInstLib = /usr/lib64/
    ErrorMessagesPath = /opt/vertica/lib64
    LogLevel = 0
    LogPath = /tmp

  • Thanks, Iwan. How about give this new user write permission to the ini files?
  • That seems to have worked! I'm not sure I understand why though!

    The process won't be altering anything in th eini files will it?

    Thanks for the help though Hua!

    Right - on to the next issue!


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