Unable to start 3 node cluster, 2 are initializing and 1 is down. However, all 3 hosts are accessibl

Unable to restart my DB which is of 3 node cluster. While restarting, it is keep initializing the first two nodes and 3rd one shows as DOWN. I tried with other alternatives like stopping the DB and start again. However, failed in all attempt. please help. This is little urgent.!


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    Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    What version of vertica are you using? If version 6.x, see if spread is running ps -ef | grep
    spread  ( /etc/init.d/spreadd status)

    Check the vertica.log what was going on while you restart the DB..

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    Hi Prasanta, I am using Version 7.0.1-0. while detailed analysis, found that the services were hanged on two nodes and one node was responding at all for vertica service. rebooted all these three nodes and it is working fine now. Thanks for your response.

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