Is it possible to compute licensed data size at the schema (not database) granularity?

If so, how it's done (is there any API or any scripts you can share or at least an exact definition/formula of how this licensed size is supposed to be computed at per-table or per-schema granularity).



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    To check the raw size of the schema, you can run the command audit(). It estimates the data size of a database, a schema, a projection, or a table as it is counted in an audit of the database size.

    select audit('<schema_name>');
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    If you want something more holistic (less accurate), try out this query from my diagnostic queries:
    -- Shows compressed and raw estimate data space utilization by schema -- http://wp.me/p3Qalh-jA SELECT /*+label(diag_schema_space_utilization)*/         pj.anchor_table_schema,         pj.used_compressed_gb,         pj.used_compressed_gb * la.ratio AS raw_estimate_gb  FROM   (SELECT ps.anchor_table_schema,                 SUM(used_bytes) / ( 1024^3 ) AS used_compressed_gb          FROM   v_catalog.projections p                 JOIN v_monitor.projection_storage ps                   ON ps.projection_id = p.projection_id          WHERE  p.is_super_projection = 't'          GROUP  BY ps.anchor_table_schema) pj         CROSS JOIN (SELECT (SELECT database_size_bytes                             FROM   v_catalog.license_audits                             ORDER  BY audit_start_timestamp DESC                             LIMIT  1) / (SELECT SUM(used_bytes)                                          FROM   v_monitor.projection_storage) AS ratio) la  ORDER  BY pj.used_compressed_gb DESC; 

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