Backing Up 7.0 to Remote Host

According to the Vertica 7 docs, I can configure Vertica nodes to back themselves up to a host that is not part of the cluster.  However, I don't see much in the docs on how to do that.

What I've done is copy vbr.py and the oss directory from one of my nodes to the backup host and then configured a backup ini file.

When I run vbr (/opt/vertica/bin/vbr.py --task backup --config-file /home/dradmin/mybackup.ini) it fails with a "Cannot find (my database name), can only backup to an existing database."

I've been through the docs, but don't see anything that covers this.


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    Please run below command. To see if there is a lock conflict (.lock) file in admintools.

    $ /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t list_db -d <database_name>

    If so please remove lock conflict & restart the backup.



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