Why is data getting converted to hex when loading from Pig?

I'm trying to load data from a Pig script into a Vertica table. When the load completes I see all the text in the table converted to hex.

The script looks like this

tempReps = Load '/discovery/hbid_crd.csv' USING PigStorage(',');

STORE tempReps INTO '{hbid(HBID varchar, CRD_ID varchar, PROSPECT_IND varchar, STATUS_CODE varchar)}' USING   com.vertica.pig.VerticaStorer('ipaddress',  'database','5433','user','password');


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    I figured it out, need to cast the data in Pig
    tempReps = LOAD '/discovery/hbid_crd.csv' USING PigStorage(',') AS (hbid:chararray, CRD_ID:chararray, PROSPECT_IND:chararray, STATUS_CODE:chararray);

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