Unable to install vertica 7.0.2 patch as i don't have vertica 7.0.0 rpm installation file

Hi Sir,
           I had downloaded vertica 7.0.0 rpm installation file.I uninstalled vertica 7.0.0 but unfortunately vertica 7.0.0 rpm installation file got deleted from my PC.I downloaded vertica 7.0.2 deb file but i'm unable to install vertica through the patch on my CentOS VM.Please suggest a way to reinstall HP vertica 7.0 through patch file.Note:I dont have vertica 7.0.0 rpm file.I dont have any of earlier vertica version installation file so i'm unable to upgrade it.I also downloaded Vertica VM but i was not able to find ip address of my system.Please suggest me command for finding ip address of vertica VM.


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    Hi Vaibhav,

    Not sure if I understand the problem.

    You have currently installed 7.0.0 and your DB is UP and running?

    Or you have completely uninsatlled Vertica 

    Also, .deb file won't work on CentOS. You will have to download .rpm for Redhat/CenOS.

    And once you have the 7.0.2 rpm, you should not need 7.0.0 rpm to install/upgrade. Just follow install/upgrade steps in Vertica Doc and you should be fine.


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    Hi Pravesh,
                       I don't have HP vertica 7.0.0 installed on my PC.Neither i have the installation file.I had completely uninstalled it from my CentOS VM.I tried to install it through vertica vm but it got installed on localhost.Also can u give me command for finding ip address of vertica VM if i have enabled bridge connection on my VM.

    Also i'll download rpm file & will try to install it & let u know the progress on the same

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    Hi Pravesh,
                       I downloaded vertica 7.0.2-1 rpm file & installed it.It works fine


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