Moveout error while moving partitions


In my ETL processes, I have a few lines like:
select move_partitions_to_table ('stg.A', 0, 24, 'tmp_table.A')
erroring out with
ERROR: A Moveout operation is already in progress on projection stg.B_all_nodes_b0 [txnid 45035996338570033 session fqdn-25466:0xd053]
In short, a moveout on table A fails because a moveout on table B is currently happening. On a sidenote, the error happens instantly, not after a timeout expired.

Does that make sense? One moveout per table I can understand, but one moveout only at a time for the whole cluster surely cannot be correct?

I did look at the tm pool, and the planned and max concurrency are 4 and 6 respectively. I upgrade the max concurrency to 20 but this made no difference at all.

This error happens only on Vertica 7.1.0-1. I upgraded yesterday from 6.3, and this is the only issue I get from the upgrade.

Would anybody have any idea how I could fix this short of downgrading?



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    Hi ,

    The error message is indicating that there is an existing tuple mover operation (moveout) running. When you drop a partition, we check if there is any data in WOS for that table. To ensure all data that belongs to the partition is included, the drop_partition runs a moveout operation. Since only one moveout can be run at a time, the new moveout request will fail.




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    This is actually a bug and will be fixed in an upcoming hot fix.

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