GPU support for Vertica

Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer

I wonder, if Vertica works / supports working on GPU processors.



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    Thanks Raul for the response!

    Though if I may jump in:  I don't think that document describes GPU's in much detail...

    The short answer is "no".  Vertica, as of this time (release 7.1), does not take advantage of GPU acceleration.

    It is, however, entirely permissible to use GPUs yourself as part of a UDx function.  There are manty existing third-party GPU-accelerated libraries that you are welcome to link in if you would like to accelerate specific algorithms on servers with appropriate hardware.

    GPUs help certain specific types of operations significantly, but they're neutral or a slowdown for many others.  There are also many other ways to improve performance.  But GPU computation is a fast-evolving field.  I can't comment specifically on future plans, but I will say that we never take any interesting technology off the table as a future option.


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