Database designer will not cancel thru MC

I have a designer running thru MC 7.0 and am unable to cancel the designer and delete the schemas. When I run the select dbd_drop_all_workspaces() It returns a 0. I was able to run another designer thru admintools and it completed with no issue but the MC dbd seems hung up.


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    Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee
    Can you check the MC log and share the error message. Or share the MC log. And what's  the vertica version are you running and how many nodes in the cluster? I will check in my lab too. 
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    I am on 7.01 and I have the 1 node community with this problem. Actually I have done a reset on MC thinking it would cure this to no avail. The V_ schemas are in the DB and MC (even after a reset) shows the status of DBD as "Building". I do have the selection of the cancel and delete buttons but when I select them nothing happens. I was able to use admintools and complete another build on the same DB even as MC shows the other one building.My DB is KSAFE=0.
    I may have to open a support ticket on this.
    Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Raul, I was not aware of those commands as I am new to Vertica and have not yet been thru a lot of the documentation. I was able to finally get rid of that design by user the "SELECT DESIGNER_DROP_ALL_DESIGNS();" command. I appreciate your help on this!!
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    This has been resolved.

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