upgrade to vertica 7.1.x

Hi Sir,
           I have vertica 7.0.2 installed on my PC.I want to upgrade to vertica 7.1.x.On vertica portal i found all the documentation stuff for vertica 7.1.x but i didn't find installation rpm file for the same.Can u provide me the link to download vertica 7.1.x.I need it urgently


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    Hi ,

    Could you please check the following link:




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    Hi Bhawana, I checked out the above link but I dint get any download link for vertica 7.1.x under downloads section of my vertica portal.It says vertica 7.1.x GA versions will be released on later date.So can u please tell me when will GA version release Thanks, Vaibhav
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    Are you an Enterprise customer if not you have the options available only which is available on the my.vertica.com
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    Hi Abhi, I'm not a vertica enterprise customer.Can u provide me a link on how to register as a vertica enterprise customer.I dint find any link for registering as an enterprise customer on my vertica portal. Thanks, Vaibhav

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