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Documentation for Vertica 7.1 under "How Client Authentication Works"  says: The DBADMIN user can also create a default authentication method that HP Vertica uses when no authentication has been assigned to a user or role.

However, it is not clear anywhere in the documentation how one actually creates a default authentication method.  I can create an authentication method and grant that method to a specific user.  Once I do that, no other users are able to connect.  All users are authenticating from a HOST that is not the vertica server.

I see in the table login_failures that the failed logins are coming from an authentication method Reject, and the client_authentication_name column contains "default: Reject."

How do you create a default authentication method for all users?

How do you view this default authentication method "default: Reject." in the system tables or maybe some configuration file?  I dont' find it in the table client_auth?


  • Hi Jon, in 7.1 you would use public for all users which would be considered the default authentication.
    Once an authentication method is defined you can GRANT to public (all users).

    GRANT AUTHENTICATION <name> TO public;
    All details can be found in our documentation section called:
    "Upgrading Client Authentication Records from vertica.conf to the Catalog"

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