Unable to mergeout data from retired storage location

We have a 6-node Vertica cluster running 7.0 that I recently added new storage locations to.  After adding the locations, I realized that two of the nodes did not appear to be using the new data storage.  I found that I had given two of my nodes relative paths to the ADD_LOCATION function (i.e. 'myData/Path' instead of '/myData/Path') and Vertica had created a data directory inside the catalog directory on both of those nodes.

I'm trying to retire and mergeout the data in these locations because: 1) The documentation says that having data in the catalog is a bad idea and 2) having data in this location appears to be creating errors for the vbr.py backup script causing it to fail.

I have tried to manually mergeout the data with the DO_TM_TASK function, preformed a purge and then a manual mergeout, and attempted mergeouts on projections individually. A small amount of data (~8GB) remains on the locations and Vertica prevents me from dropping it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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