Flex table JSON array question - Used fjsonparser{flatten_array=true}


I have imported a JSON array with the flatten_array=true and get the following when querying uisng maptostring(__raw__) :-

   "filters.0" : {      "name" : "state",
      "values.0" : "CT",
      "values.1" : "ME",
      "values.2" : "MA",
      "values.3" : "NH",
      "values.4" : "RI",
      "values.5" : "VT"

The number of occurences of the 'values' can vary. I have done the 'compute_flextable_keys_and_build_view' on the flex table but I am having issues querying the data to get all the values for 'name' and 'values'.

I have tried select "filters.0"."values.0" from flx_user_configurations_true_view; but I just get error saying 'filter.0' does not exist.

I have tried to follow other solutions from google results but can't seem to get the syntax right.

Any help would be appreciated and I continue to try to resolve this.


==== ADDENDUM =====

Another note on this. It seem that whatever I try I can only get the 'filters' reference in the _keys table that is generated. I cannot get 'name' or 'values' to be included.

This preventing me from referencing the 'names' and 'values' columns. 

I have confirmed that I am dropping and recreating the flex view and _keys/_view before loading the data,

I have tried many combinations of maplookup but just cannot seem to get things to work

Any help would be really appreciated.


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