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Is there a physical limit to the number of schemas that can be created within an HP Vertica database?  I don't see any such thing in the documentation, but thought I would check.


  • Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee
    There is no such limit you will find in the document. But if look into catalog section it's recommended not to have too large catalog . That means the more objects you have the bigger the catalog. The catalog persists and indexes objects, which represent all trackable items in the DB (Tables, Projections, Schema, Users, Nodes, ROSes, etc). If catalog size greater than ~1.9GB the catalog could be near or over the limit and could present issues on a restart database.

    If you would like to check the catalog size you can use the below script. And result will be byte.

    find $1 -name "*_[12345678].cat" -printf "%s\n" -or -name "*_1[56789].cat" -printf "%s\n" -or -name "*_2[349].cat" -printf "%s\n" -or -name "*_3[0789].cat" -printf "%s\n" -or -name "*_4[0245].cat" -printf "%s\n" | awk '{s+=$0} END {print s}'

  • Navin_CNavin_C Vertica Customer
    Hello Nimmi,

    I was trying to use the above script, but no success with it.

    Can you please show an example.

    Can you please point all the impacts, when the catalog size grows more then 20GB.


  • Hi ,

    I addition to this .

    Keep in mind that Vertica keep  the entire catalog  to the memory (each node include replica of the entire  catalog)  , as a results for that , having large catalog  may impact your query memory resources availability   .

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