no more buddy projections after backup/restore ?


I am running vertica 7.0.2.
I did a full backup of my 3 nodes cluster, reinstalled everything from scratch, including OS, vertica.
I then run the restore script vbr.py, which run smoothly, but when I start the restored database, I found out that all restored tables have no more buddy projections !

Is this normal behavior ?
What should I do to get back to the initial situation, prior to the backup, where my databbase was K-Sage ?

Thanks for helping.


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    What is the output of the following, from your database -
    SELECT current_fault_tolerance FROM system;
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    It says current_fault_tolerance is 0

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    If you still have the vertica.log from before you restored the DB can you check the following -
    grep K-safety= vertica.log
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    I created the db from scratch, and did the restore immediately after.
    The oldest log I could get shows the initial db startup right after restore, and report the db is 0-safe.
    It looks the problem was already present when doing the backup, but I do not remember having seen any warning at that time.
    To be more precise, the DB was initially running on Vertica 6.1.3.
    I updated successively to 7.0, then 7.1, and did the backup at that time.
    I also have an old backup from when the db was still running 6.1.3, but if I want to look at it, I have to reinstall vertica 6.1.3, which is not possible right now.

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