ODBC driver distributing

Hello to all.
I'm developing application that uses ODBC driver to get metadata from server. My question is could I put ODBC driver libraries into applicaton's package and distibute it as part of this package?
I don't want to require my users to install ODBC driver apart from application. I gues the answer in "No you could'nt" but maybe there are some conditions that I should meet to make it possible.


  • Prasanta_PalPrasanta_Pal - Select Field - Employee
    Is it a windows package ( installer)? If so, if you can do for any other ODBC driver installation through your installer, you should be able to do for vertica odbc too!!
  • Thanks for reply!
    What about UNIX platforms? My application is quite simple to deploy and it has not installer so I want to put driver libraries in my package without any Vertica's installers. Just copy them. Also if I it is possible should I list Vertica's driver in my lisence ?

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