Number of Arguments in R Scalar Function

Vertica 7.0 Programmer's Guide has the following note:

Note: : Transform functions written in R can have an unlimited number of arguments. Scalar functions written in R are limited to a maximum number of 32 arguments.

Is there still a limit of 32 arguments (columns) to a Scalar function? If so, could someone explain why is it so? Is there a way to pass more than 32 columns to a R Scalar function?

Thank you.



  • Hi Ravi,

    For Vertica 7.1.x, the limit is now 500 arguments. We will update the documentation to reflect this new limit.

    Sorry for the documentation error!

  • Thanks Chris. Is the updated limit of 500 available only from 7.1 or is it available in 7.0 as well?
  • Hi Ravi, sorry, I just confirmed. It is only available in 7.1.
  • Thank you, Chris.

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