error 2886 could not open file ; No such file or Directory

I am trying to create Flex external tables for the json file residing in the Maprfs. When I try to create the view using the following command

select compute_flextable_keys_and_build_view('active');             // 'active' is the external table                                                                                                                     created
I get the following error message

ERROR 2886:  Could not open file [TestFreaks/SocialAnalytics/TestFreaks/ActiveHealthSample.json] for reading; No such file or directory
HINT:  Make sure the file is available on the specified node.  If using ON ANY NODE, it must be available at this path on all nodes in the cluster since any node could load the file     

Everything looks fine and data is present on all the nodes in the specified path. I tried to create flex table and its working fine, but when I try external flex table then the data is unable to load and form a view for querying.

Please help in suggesting some pointers to the solution.


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    wwong2wwong2 Employee
    This is duplicate of Topic 2372.  Please review that topic.

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