SSH.checkDatabaseState - vsql return code = 2


on the first node of our 3 node cluster we get the followring messages all the time - Logfile is adminTools-dbadmin.log

Oct 30 14:20:41  [1309] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] dbName=None, port=5433, nodemap={'v_data_live_node0003': ''}
Oct 30 14:20:41  [1309] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] vsql_cmd = /opt/vertica/bin/vsql --no-vsqlrc -n -p 5433 -h ''
Oct 30 14:20:41  [1309] [SSH.checkDatabaseState] vsql return code = 2

When i try to connect to the node0003 using a username (-U $NAME) the connection works. I want to know from where these vsql connects  are triggered.


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